Sunday, 23rd February, from 5pm


Crew of the RARA spacecraft, we would like to share an important decision with you. But first, the context of the situation: CARNARARA's idea came up to enable a free RARA party at the carnival. With Seth Troxler. The Museu do Amanhã appeared in the competition of the locations, and for the exuberance and originality was chosen as base, and the Praça Mauá as public and free track of the event.


Agreements made, on the eve of the event, we were surprised by severe restrictions on the use of the square by one of the control bodies in the region - which prevented the placement of bathrooms and other comfort and safety structures for the general public. No bathroom, no comfort, no security, in a public square? It is not RARA, and there is no Museu do Amanhã to hold.


We like excitement, but not confusion. Resistance, follow the dance, and follow the search for the new landing of CARNARARA. In the struggle for location, and in times of carnival, the options are scarce and the necessary licenses more difficult. Hence we think: after several consecutive stumps. Cosmos, is it to do or not?  We have been resisting the most adverse scenarios for 5 years to create experiences that the heart keeps in mind. You can't think about canceling. Producers from other events got involved in our cause (we love you very much !!!!!!!!). Cosmos, again, send another solution!


And peey, the Circo Voador emerged. Iconic carioca concert hall and stage for unforgettable shows, with an eye to Arcos da Lapa with cable car strolling through the crown of imperial palm trees. Center of the street carnival heart, at the carnival sunday. Leasing with the face of our audacity. Seth Troxler, also an iconic DJ, already booked, feeling honored by the opportunity. For the first time, Circus with open doors in an electronic carnival. With structure, security, comfort. Flo Massé and Maurício Lopes in the new cauldron. Technobrass procession to finish - or maybe start over? You can have a party, YES!

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