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Sunday, 23rd February, from 2pm





The Rio de Janeiro Carnival is widely known as the biggest show on Earth. If you are from Rio, in any trip you go, it turns out as a subject of a talk - which carioca has never tried to convince a gringo to visit the city during Carnival? Each year, more cool people from allover land in Rio, living the most democratic, sincere, and full of beauty moment in their lives - be it in the street parades or in the Sapucaí. Here, people mix, meet, kiss, hug and for a few days live freedom to the fullest. Convinced in one of these talks, Seth Troxler came to Rio, fell in love with this unique energy and thought: I really wanna play at a party here, but it’s gotta be free, in the streets, “power to the people, you know?”. 



CarnaRARA will be our contribution to this incredible organism called Rio de Janeiro’s street Carnival.  Carnival Sunday, February 23rd, in the breath-taking Museu do Amanhã, which for the first time will host a musical event.  Music by the ever enchanting Seth Troxler, Rara djs and local invitees. Power to the people: in the streets, free for all, under the Museum’s front bow. Made possible by the fundraisers which will have access to the interior of the museum. We will build this event together!



A new icon of the modernization of Rio de Janeiro’s harbor, the Museum of Tomorrow was born in the Praça Mauá as a science museum meant to explore, imagine, and conceive all the possibilities for constructing the future. An experimental museum, where the content is presented through a narrative that combines the accuracy of science with the expressiveness of art, using technology as a support in interactive environments and audiovisual and gaming facilities created from scientific studies conducted by experts and data released all over the world.


In accordance with Mayan prophecy, Seth Troxler was, in fact, a gift to the world of techno by intergalactic demigods from the distant future. Rumours that Seth Troxler is actually an alien are untrue; in the early first century these demigods kidnapped the virile first-born child of a Roman centurion and his Egyptian trophy wife. After years of travelling around the western end of the Milky Way studying linear algebra, Byronic verse, city planning, and the essentials of electronic music composition, these demigods lost young Seth to the Old God Horus in a game of trans-dimensional backgammon. Before Horus could consume his soul, disguised as Freemasons, they managed steal the young Seth back, and fearing the wrath of Horus, hid him in the Mid-Western town of Kalamazoo where he was raised by a kindly Amish family.


Bernardo Campos e Filipe Raposo (Mustache) started playing in the extinct Dama de Ferro club in the begginning of the 2000’s. Bernardo started in the minimal realm, fell in love with electro and finally got engaged with house music. Filipe on the other hand, started with Electro, turned to Disco and also ended up with house as his base sound. Both have produced tracks within these genres. Their meeting happened at RARA’s 5th edition when they teamed up to an acclaimed warm-up set for none other than Carl Craig. Together they travel through all their referential electronic music genres, never loosing cadence, groove and happiness - collecting gigs alongside giants like Laurent Garnier, Moodymann, Miss Kittin and Kenny Dope to name a few. 2019 saw them open up the electronic music stage of the enormous Rock in Rio Festival.